3 Astonishing Facts about Betta Fish?

The beautiful colors of the Betta fish make them an attractive pet. They are hardy and easy to care for in the right conditions. And they are usually better off alone because they are aggressive. But those are facts almost any aquarist knows. Now let’s dive into new territory with astonishing details about bettas that might surprise you.


Source: Buddygenius.com

First, bettas are labyrinth fish. This type of fish has an extra organ that lets them breathe air outside of water. That’s why they sometimes come to the surface to gulp oxygen.

A betta’s native habitat is freshwater rice paddies where the water can get shallow and muddy. Therefore they evolved this amazing ability to survive outside of water for a while as long as they stay moist. And this fact leads us to the next shocking detail.

Second, betta fish can walk on their pectoral fins. Also, they can bury themselves in mud to survive until the next rainfall. Now that you know this little tidbit, please don’t stress out your betta by trying to get it to walk outside the aquarium. Instead, your betta will be happier and healthier in one of the best betta fish tanks.

Third, bettas can’t live together with other bettas; not even a mating pair can. But males will build a bubble nest in preparation for a female to lay eggs. Then the male will collect the eggs in his mouth and move them into the nest. He’ll even chase the female away so she won’t eat the eggs. And he’ll stand guard until the eggs hatch.

To sum up, we hoped you learned something new about betta fish today. Meanwhile, these fish are smarter than you think. They can recognize your face. Additionally, if they get bored, they might nip at their own fins. So keep your betta happy by training it to do tricks. Details are in the article we linked to earlier. Enjoy!